sunnuntai 17. elokuuta 2014

Mallin suunnittelun haasteet...

Mallin suunnittelussa on omat haasteensa, siksi kokosin tähän suunnittelun aloituksen vinkkejä..

When I start a new project I first decide how big and what shape of the table-cloth I want it to be.

After I have done all the outer layers I start to plan how I want to fill it up.
I am still so beginner that I draw my designs on paper.. It´s quite difficult to know how the cloth is going to look out. This is because I haven´t done really difficult stiches before and it´s also impossible to know how all these stiches are going to look like together in a same cloth.
But in this project I want to try more difficult stiches than before..